Instructions on purchasing tickets

All the notions and terms are used in this instruction as interpreted in the User Agreement..

1. Registration..
To purchase tickets you need to get registered on the website
During the registration you are to:
- state your current e-mail address;
- state your effective phone number;
- enter your full name or the full name of another recipient of the Tickets in the Museum's Ticket Offices (if the booking is made not in your name);
- enter the verification code received at the e-mail address stated by you;
- express your consent with the terms of the Agreement by placing the relevant mark in the registration form.

2. Ticket Booking Procedure.
2.1.Selection of tickets
You can purchase not more than 5 tickets of the same name in one booking.
After the tickets have been booked, a verification code will be sent to the e-mail address stated by you to confirm the booking.
Please note that entrance tickets for persons under 16 years of age and other categories of the people having the right to free entrance are not sold through the website! Such tickets can be purchased only on the day of the visit in the ticket offices of the museum upon presentation of the relevant document.

2.2. Confirmation of the Booking.
To complete the booking procedure you are to enter the verification code received by e-mail, the name of the recipient of the tickets, phone number into the form of the Booking.
Attention! To avoid inconsistencies check correctness of the data entered by you during booking! Should erroneous data be entered, the Museum has the right to deny issuance of the tickets!

3.Payment for the booking and receipt of the tickets
3.1.Payment for the booking
After the Booking has been confirmed, an electronic invoice with the UNPAID status will be provided on the website.
After activation of "Pay" key you will be redirected to the secured payment page where you are to enter data to pay for the booking.
After successful payment an electronic receipt will be sent to the e-mail stated by you containing the necessary information about the booking made and the payment method with PAID status. .
The booking not paid for within 2 (two) hours will be cancelled.
3.2. Receipt of tickets
In case of successful payment the Client receives a reference to the electronic ticket to be printed out to the e-mail address stated in the process of making of the booking. This electronic ticket must be printed out and produced on the day of the visit.
Should it be impossible to print out the Electronic Ticket, it is necessary to receive the Ticket made on an accountable form at the Museum's Ticket Office on the day of the visit.
To receive the Ticket give the ticket office the number of your booking (number of the electronic ticket) or produce the document in the name of the person registered during making of the booking.
3.2.1.Payment security
The Payments Security shall be provided by means of the Acquirer Bank functioning on the basis of modern protocols and technologies developed by the international payment systems of Visa International and MasterCard Worldwide (3D-Secure: Verified by Visa, MasterCard SecureCode). The received confidential data of the Card Holder are processed in the processing center of the Acquirer Bank certified according to the PCI DSS Standard. The security of the transmitted information shall be provided by means of modern protocols of security provision in Internet.
In case of successful payment the amount of the cost of the booking is debited from the bank card account; otherwise the booking is to be re-executed.
3.2.2.Rules of return of the ticket
The Payment for the paid Booking shall be returned only for the bookings made on the Museum's Website by means of the Bank Card and not received at the Museum's Ticket Offices. Money back is only possible in case your refund application is properly filled. For the procedure of the ticket return see the User Agreement.,cl. 7.7.
The request processing period is 10 business days.

4.Additional information
The cost of entrance tickets for all branches of the Museum and all categories can be specified on the website of the Museum in "Tickets" section at
The visitors having the right to benefits or free entrance shall pay for the work of the guide and other additional services. .
Services with a limited number of tickets and services in a gathered group are sold on the day of the visit only subject to availability of space on a first-served basis. Availability of previously purchased tickets for the same service does not give the right to purchase additional tickets out of turn or over the set number.
All the events of the Museum the tickets to which are available on the website are conducted in Russian.

Working hours of the Museum:

Monday 10:00—18:00
Mikhailovsky Palace and Benois Wing work till 20.00
Tuesday Closed
Wednesday 10:00—18:00
Thursday 13:00—21:00
Friday 10:00—18:00
Saturday 10:00—18:00
Sunday 10:00—18:00

Ticket offices close half an hour earlier

The Museum does not deliver tickets.
For enquiries about the work of the Museum, call: +7 (812) 595-42-48
Answerphone: +7 (812) 314-83-68
Booking excursions over phone: +7 (812) 314-34-48